Protection in your car

The force of radiation in enclosed spaces, but outside of the human body, can reach up to 45-50 times that of the radiation out in the open.

Modern cars have modern electronics. The increasingly refined technology in our vehicles uses GPS, remote controls, power supply accessories,
radio and other music systems and Bluetooth to help increase the efficacy of our cars and keep us safe and comfortable. The harmful effects of these systems surround us without our knowledge.


Negative information in an enclosed space

The body of our cars acts as a Faraday cage, which traps electromagnetic radiation and radio waves inside its enclosed space. As a result, we feel fatigued, have headaches, lose focus and our reflexes slow down. In terms of the aforementioned harmful radiation the driver may not be in the most danger.

For example, if one is sitting closer to the battery, the speaker, or a device with Bluetooth, they, understandably, might be exposed to more radiation. Thus, both the driver and the passengers are subject to the hazards of radiation.


SHS CARS – complex solution for your car

SHS CARS is a technology of radiation protection, which provides a radiationally harmonised living space while travelling.

Those who drive a car and especially those who drive trucks or vans by trade are exposed to more concentrated radiation due to the enclosed space, as shown by a health survey.

Using our product, the risks and unfortunate accidents that stem from driving fatigue and loss of focus can be further decreased, which would help any business immensely.

Upon ordering the SHS CARS product we provide you with the option of customisation, so you can have the best suited protection for your employees’ vehicles.



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