Complex systems to protect your office from electromagnetic fields

Nowadays we began to value environmentally conscious business management and green offices more. Environmentally conscious business management, green communication, and the marketing thereof all favour eco-efficiency and strategies of decreasing ecological footprints. All forms of such “green ambition” prioritise prevention and efficient energy usage. However, we rightfully feel, that prevention and efficiency should be about more than just recycling and passive houses.

The office is greener on the other side?

That might be because they have realised that how efficiently they can work and how usefully they can spend their time is dependent on how well they protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation. Electrosmog is everywhere, where your workstation has a computer, you get the Internet through WiFi, cell phones are ringing, screens are flashing, and all this is largely wireless too.

These nowadays indispensable devices are controlled by electronics surrounding us with radiation in our work place. The wires in our walls only add to this harmful exposure. ELECTROSMOG is always present and has a negative effect on the regular functioning of our bodies, it affects our circadian rhythm, brain activity and hormonal system and it can cause long lasting impairment to our health.

Since we are not safe from this even in our homes, work places, or cars, we need protection against ELECTROSMOG just as well as a health-conscious lifestyle and a proper diet in our everyday life.


We are also subject to different forms of high frequency radiation both inside and outside, not only from transmission towers, but repeaters, telecommunication devices, base stations, parts of the transport infrastructure, satellite communication, etc. also give off radiation. These together are called electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog, colloquially.



Not to use a microwave oven? Collect trash separately in at least three bins? Keep the cell phone away from our heads? That is not possible.

With the help of long years of research, technological analysis, and the advice of experts in the field we have created a defence system, which utilises technology, materials and devices already proven useful in the EU, which we upgraded, built upon and made into a unified system.

Thanks to the experience we have gained in the field, besides the SHS HOME line of products we have created the SHS OFFICE products as well.

We have outlined and defined 3 steps of decreasing electromagnetic radiation


STEP 1: measurement, risk assessment

  • Gauging how much radiation there is in the environment in question.
  • Measuring the radiation using certified measuring instruments of international standards.
  • The system of protection is in accordance with the SBM 2015 Recommendation of International Building Biology.
  • 25 years in development, radiation protection of a building creates a harmonised WORK PLACE, which everyone needs (and will need) in the day and age of science and technology and in the foreseeable future.



-Shows health risks, and methods of building biological measurements, their evaluation, and helps identify problems that may exist

Necessitates the accurate documentation of the measurements, has subcategories describing critical environmental effects.


A certified report is written on the measured level of radiation and a professional proposition is made on the necessary decrease of said radiation.


STEP 2: setting up the protection

  • After the measurement the source and scope of the radiation become clear.
  • Determining the electrosmog footprint comes with solutions based on internationally certified tests and the proposed installation of a system, like the SHS Office Complex.
  • The SHS OFFICE Complex system is a solution that decreases or stops the emission of electrosmog altogether. The experts at our company propose a customised solution based on the level of radiation and the size of the space; this comes with data on the expected extent to which background radiation will be reduced. After the installation of the system we conduct further tests to check and verify everything.


STEP 3: control measurement and certification

  • We have conducted the installation of the proposed system and the check-ups.
  • After the successful tests the company receives a certificate which can mean an edge in the competition in marketing.
  • The certificate and the report together are capable of proving that the electrosmog has been nullified, which makes the company greener and which may be used as a seal of quality.



The business or the brand it represents receives a certificate, which may lead to a stronger presence on the market and with which they can show the local and international customers as well as competing companies that they are conscious of sustainability.

Conscious nullification of electrosmog can lead to good publicity for the both the business and the brand, furthermore it sends a message to the costumers.

The crises in our environment are not due to natural causes but caused by humanity, that is to say that the majority of them are results of man-made systems. The installation and maintenance of radiation protection systems will have to be part of environmental consciousness alongside sustainable development.




Product parameters

Width: 17 cm; Height: 100 cm

Recommended method of installation:
Determine the place and number of devices to be installed consulting the client after the measurements. Necessary number: 1 per 100m².

Colours: RAL basic: white, gold.
RAL extra: + 50 000 HUF





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