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Our work place is our second home. In certain lines of work, we spend more time at our desk than other communal spaces, so protecting this segment of the environment is especially vital in preventing disease and being comfortable. Radiation protection of our work station is a top priority in working efficiently and productively.

The protective unit and system we have created filters out harmful electromagnetic, low, and high frequency radiation, radon radiation, and negative earth radiation as well, thus substantially decreasing the health risks of these effects.

By regularly using protection against electromagnetic radiation disturbances to cell potential are considerably lowered. Thanks to this, huge amounts of energy can be burned at a cellular level. This is the foundation of the optimal functioning of cells.


The protection of our work station is a solution for each individual but there may be need for a complex solution for the protection of offices, floors, office complexes and other places of business. Main attributes of the SHS OFFICE Complex system:

  • customised protection in planning and size
  • protection for developing and already established areas as well
  • verifiably high efficiency and proven decrease of radiation
  • preservation of health and an increase in efficiency directly ensure a productive workforce




Product parameters

Diameter: 118 mm; Height: 9 mm

Special, extremely fine stainless steel, its surface treated with a special tool, laser-engraved, made with a special technique.

Active substance 1: (liquid)
Special mixture – potassium silicate (K2SiO3), Graphite, Microorganisms, Shell gold scale.

Active substance 2: (solid)
A 20-micron thick alloy applied to a polyester sheet: Cobalt (Co), Iron (Fe), Molybdenum (Mo), Niobium (Nb), Silicon (Si), Boron (B), Silver (Ag)


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